TT Cosmetics

Started by Tanzeel Taj in 2017, TT Cosmetics is one of Pakistan’s first and fastest growing local beauty brands. Launched with only six liquid lipsticks, TT Cosmetics’ line continues to expand with now selling over 18 shades of liquid lipsticks, six crème lipsticks, mascara and a cheek palette.

Inspiration and Vision

The inspiration for TT Cosmetics arose out of a need to establish a local market for affordable vegan and paraben free beauty products for the quintessential Pakistani woman. The brand’s vision today is to foster a local market for top-quality beauty products which are accessible to all. With this vision, TT Cosmetics has been instrumental in creating a community of small businesses selling a wide range of products, allowing Pakistan’s beauty market to grow from within through mutual support.

Influencing Communities
With over 75,000 Instagram followers, TT Cosmetics uses its influence to raise awareness about a host of issues including the quality of local products, assisting the influencer and beauty products community, and improving customer services in Pakistan. The brand also regularly raises awareness on women’s issues, small businesses and the role of the influencers’ community in improving social media based startups.

Tanzeel works hard to ensure that the products reaching you are of the highest quality. She understands why local markets need to thrive: to suit the South Asian skin. This is why Tanzeel works regularly with manufacturers to ensure that this increasing range of products is made to suit what looks good on you.

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